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How do you use compare?

How do you use compare?

When to compare To compare something with something else is to observe or only point out similarities between them. In other words, you resemble one thing with another, or you comment on their similarities. He compared their historic victory to that of the 1992 Dream Team.

What do we mean by compare?

What do we mean by compare?

: to say that (something) resembles something else. : to take a closer look (two or more things) to see what is similar or different about them, or to decide which is better. : to be as good or as bad as anything else: to be on the same level or in the same category as anything else.

What is an example of the word compare?

The definition of compare means to find similarities or differences between two or more people or things. An example of comparison is noting how much two sisters are alike.

What is the synonym of compare?

On this page you can discover 108 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions and related words for comparison, such as: relate, equate, balance, analyze, look like, match, be comparable, measure, compare, compare and match up.

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