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Mahogany bamboo flooring

Can you float tongue and groove bamboo flooring? Yes, solid bamboo and engineered bamboo flooring can float on top of the underlying fabric. Floating floors, sometimes referred to as 'laying down', are one of the quickest and easiest

Light grey bamboo flooring

Is bamboo OK to get wet? Although bamboo is waterproof, it is still a natural material, which means that the organic structure can warp when exposed to excess moisture. We define "excess moisture" as standing water on the surface of

Jacobean bamboo flooring

What is the most popular flooring in new homes? A tile. Tile is the most obvious choice for kitchens and bathrooms, as it is naturally waterproof and fairly indestructible. Some tile trends include realistic stone or wood looks. New

Installing solid bamboo flooring

How do you install Solid bamboo flooring? Can you install bamboo flooring over concrete? Yes, concrete is a suitable base for bamboo planks. All types of bamboo flooring can be attached to the floor or float on concrete. Although

Installing bamboo laminate flooring

Is it better to glue or float hardwood floors? Many installers and manufacturers prefer the glue down method because of its superior stability. Bonding your floor leads to less shifting and creaking, which makes engineered hardwood

Industrial bamboo flooring

Why is bamboo flooring so cheap? People choose bamboo over wood flooring because it is cheaper than hardwood. The plants are economically grown and harvested and only take five years to mature, meaning the raw material is inexpensive.

Harvest bamboo flooring

Why is my bamboo flooring buckling? In most cases, cupping is the result of moisture that is emitted from the ground in the crawl space. This problem needs to be addressed at the source â crawl space and unconditioned space must be

Eco timber bamboo flooring

Are bamboo floors out of style? Bamboo flooring has become more and more popular over the years. Every year bamboo flooring trends change with fashion and home decoration and interior design styles. For 2021 there has already been an

Distressed mocha bamboo flooring

Moso is not your garden bamboo variety. When Moso matures over the course of approximately 5-6 years, it produces the densest and toughest fibers of any other bamboo species. Is bamboo resistant to warping? In its natural form,