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Is the word feedback correct?

I just want to make sure there’s no such term as feedback before I tell him. The link to the learner’s dictionary (above) explains that feedback is an uncountable noun and should therefore be used as a singular. … I always consider feedback as plural.

Is it feedback or feed back?

‘feedback’ is a noun. There’s feedback coming from that microphone and speaker setup. ‘feedback’ is a (phrasal) verb. The sound from the speaker returns into the microphone causing a horrible screeching sound.

What is the synonym of feedback?

What is the synonym of feedback?

response, reaction, comment, report. estimate, assessment, criticism, criticism, opinion, opinion, comment, observation, interpretation, study, analysis, evaluation, judgment, appreciation.

How do you use the word feedback?

“She always gives good feedback.” “We’ve had a lot of negative feedback about the story.” “She is trying to gather feedback on the new policy.” “He’s constantly asking for feedback on his work.”

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