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What do we mean by compare?

: says that (something) is the same as the other. : see (two or more things) closely to see what is the same or different about them or for the purpose of deciding which is better. : to be good or bad as others: to be on the same level or in the same category as others.

What’s an example of compare?

What's an example of compare?

Frequency: The definition of comparison means finding similarities or differences between two or more people. An example of comparison is the attention to how everyone siblings look like the same.

Is compare the same or different?

Is compare the same or different?

Comparisons have different meanings in each study framework. Any exploration of the similarities or differences of two or more units is a comparison. … To compare something, they must have characteristics that are similar enough in a way that is suitable to be worthy of comparison.

What is the synonym of compare?

What is the synonym of compare?

The words collate and contrast are common synonyms of comparison. While all three words mean “set together to indicate differences and similarities,” comparison means an objective indicating relative values ​​or advantages by excluding characteristic qualities whether similar or different.

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